. “It takes a village to raise a child” (African proverb)

Memorial Park Kindy Philosophy

IMG_8220We believe that children need time to be children, and that their first foundations for learning are best made through positive, interesting and self-motivated play experiences. They thrive on the establishment of secure, genuine, consistent attachments to carers who have a passion for connecting with, and building upon, each unique relationship.

We acknowledge each individual as competent and capable, as well as an active learner. Each child has the right to be safe, healthy, respected, and a valued member of our diverse community. They deserve to feel relaxed, happy, and secure within a
warm, inclusive, fun, stimulating environment full of negotiation, collaboration, cooperation, sharing, and mutual respect.

We as Educators advocate for a child’s need to learn best though play– an adventure of discovery as well as learning to learn. We see our role as scaffolding this learning – allowing for problem solving, risk taking, access to open ended materials, as well as socio-constructive learning involving meaningful conversations and genuine listening.
We actively maintain collaborative partnerships….with children, families, as well as the local community. All interested parties have ownership of the centre and should feel comfortable to contribute to the curriculum and management. “It takes a village to raise a child” (African proverb)

We work towards maintaining a safe, supervised, clean and healthy environment that is aesthetically pleasing as well as modelling and expecting respect for resources, and also promoting sustainable practices. We appreciate and promote our expansive outdoor and indoor learning spaces and establish routines that optimise these areas for learning opportunities. We maximise spontaneous and incidental teaching moments.

We see Kindy as a stepping stone to school– literacy and numeracy are weaved through a variety of experiences. Independence and organisational skills are encouraged– a ‘give it a go’ attitude. Strength based documentation is collected and shared to enhance the transition to more formal learning. Children and families are part of this collaborative process. Technology is explored to assist with data gathering and sharing of information.

Educators commit to lifelong learning, seeking meaningful professional development and participation in learning conversations and critical reflection. They are involved in respectful and inclusive discussions and share their particular skills and knowledge with all members of our community.

We acknowledge and are committed to the exploration of our Indigenous cultural history and constantly source authentic ways to represent this within our centre and curriculum.

We work towards creating a sense of wonder, a joy of learning, an “I can” approach to life– many special memories that will last a lifetime.

We welcome visitors and offer our service as a venue for families and our local community to gather and network.

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