. “It takes a village to raise a child” (African proverb)

Memorial Park Kindy Philosophy


At Memorial Park Community Kindy the essence of ‘community’ has, and always will be, part of our identity.  We actively seek out and embrace a collaborative approach bringing children, families and educators together.

All families are supported and encouraged to contribute to the management of our service and to actively engage in the program.  All stakeholders have a voice.

We passionately commit to creating a genuine sense of belonging for all children, families and educators.  This is nurtured within an environment that is inviting, welcoming, accepting, safe and supportive.  Quality interactions and genuine connections contribute to a respectful culture.

We truly believe that children’s first and most influential educators are their family and close community.  We are very aware of the responsibility of providing a safe and caring culture that embraces families and their diversity. We totally respect and advocate for the rights of every child to play, learn, speak and be heard, and to be safe and healthy.

We value opportunities for children and families to have a sense of agency within our routines and programs – there is time for children to explore our well resourced and stimulating play spaces and that educators are approachable and accessible.

We intentionally plan for children to be present and value these moments to observe and interact and just enjoy.  Educators maximise spontaneous and incidental learning opportunities and are flexible in the patterns/flow of the day to confidently accommodate these.

We consistently deliver a holistic evolving curriculum within our Approved Framework that celebrates all children’s uniqueness, individuality, learning styles and dispositions.

We value and respect staff individuality, knowlege, qualifications and experience and actively support growth and a positive, co-operative team culture.  As staff we act as postive role models, guiding behaviour by example, and interacting with children in a way that encourages best learning outcomes.  Educators use reflective practices and continually develop our professional knowledge, skills and we endeavour to provide the best possible learning and developmental opportunities for all children.

We scaffold each child’s learning and development by personalising experiences and following goals that support and extend their current needs and interests, in partnership with family and community links.  We proactively encourage each child to become an active, confident, capable, engaged and motivated learner.

We believe that positive and quality early childhood experiences lay the foundations for future emotional/social wellbeing and an enjoyment of life long learning.  We encourage children to try – ‘have a go’ and to take supervised risks…

In meaningful ways we weave literacy and numeracy exploration throughout our daily learning opportunities as part of developmentally appropriate and stimulating fun experiences.  We recognise and embrace the role of our local community in supporting children with positive transitions from home to kindy… from kindy to school and seek out genuine connections and interactions.

We acknowledge that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the traditional custodians of our land and we optimise opportunities to connect to Country.  We pride ourselves on creating an environment that is inclusive and is based on acceptance of, and respect for, the diversity of each child and their family regardless of ability, gender, race, culture or economic status.

At Memorial Park Community Kindy we hope to continue to serve our local community contributing to happy childhood memories and providing a strong positive foundation for every child’s learning journey.

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